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Burns Sustained in a Car Accident

A car fire can have many different causes. Faulty wiring or fluid leaks can ignite and cause a fire. The most common cause of car fires is auto accidents. When a car collides in a certain way with another car or an object, gas tanks can rupture and cause fuel fires. The tank may explode and turn the car into an inferno in a matter of seconds. Either way, due to gasoline, oil, and other chemicals that make up an automobile, once a flame starts, it can spread very quickly and easily. As a result, burn injuries can result from an auto accident.

Understanding the Four Degrees of Burns

Burns come in four different "degrees." A first degree burn is minor and results in slight redness and discomfort, but usually heals within a week. A second degree burn is deeper and causes blistering in lesser cases, but in more serious situations it can cause scarring and require skin grafting. Third degree burns extend through all layers of skin and will result in scarring, hardening of the skin, and may require grafting or amputation. Fourth degree burns are the worst, reaching past skin and into the underlying layers of muscle, tendon, or even bone, resulting in severe deformity and a higher chance of severe infections.

Without proper medical treatment, anything worse than a second degree burn can cause permanent damage or even death. Such treatment is not cheap, and if you are not compensated for your injuries, your finances may suffer as well as your body. If you have been burned from an accident caused by someone else, get assistance from a Houston car accident lawyer and start fighting for compensation.

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