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See how a contingency fee agreement can benefit you. Learn how an attorney can maximize your compensation!
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Contingency Fee Agreements

Think you can't afford a lawyer? Think again!

One of the biggest concerns people have when facing the need for an attorney is cost. Many lawyers charge very high hourly or flat rate legal fees. Many folks can't afford to pay such fees, and paying such a guaranteed fee can be particularly concerning. As a result, many people assume that they can't afford a lawyer. However, that does not have to be the case when a lawyer works on the basis of a contingency fee. At the Law Office of Sebastian J. Simon, we proudly seek affordability by offering our services under such arrangements.

You Don't Win, You Don't Pay

By offering contingency fee arrangements, our legal fees are based on a percentage of the recovery gained from winning your car accident case. This percentage is negotiated and agreed upon before the case representation begins. If nothing is recovered, we charge you absolutely nothing in return. If there is no recovery, you will not owe or be responsible for any court costs or litigation expenses except for your own unpaid medical bills. Court costs, litigation expenses, and medical bills are paid from your share if there is a recover.

By agreeing to pay a percentage of your recovered amount as your attorney's fee, you avoid monetary loss on your case, our lawyer will work to achieve the highest possible payout. If you have been in a car accident of any kind and are concerned that you may be unable to afford an attorney, simply call the Law Office of Sebastian J. Simon to learn more about how we can provide solid legal representation in your case without damaging your pocketbook.

Hire a Houston Car Accident Lawyer Today

At the Law Office of Sebastian J. Simon, our legal team is dedicated to fighting injustice and gaining compensation for each of our clients. You should not have to pay for injuries that are a result of someone else's negligence. Likewise, you should not have to pay for an attorney who doesn't deliver results. Contact a Houston car accident lawyer at our firm today to learn more!

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