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Liability in a Car Accident

Houston Car Accident Lawyers Identify Liability

One of the most important things involved in a car accident case is proving who caused the crash. The liable party can be held accountable for all injuries and damages involved. When you have suffered any form of injury as the result of a collision, it is vital that you obtain financial compensation from the driver at fault. Determining liability after an accident is the job of a legal professional, so don't hesitate to contact the Law Office of Sebastian J. Simon to speak with a car accident attorney in Houston.

It can sometimes be difficult to represent your case against another individual if there is not adequate evidence to prove either party guilty of the accident. There are certain steps that should be taken immediately after an accident, if you are physically capable of doing so in the aftermath. In either event, a lawyer should be consulted with as soon as possible so that he or she can help prepare a solid case on your behalf to get the maximum restitution you deserve.

Looking at Police Reports to Investigate Liability

In most auto accident situations, a police officer will arrive at the scene and take down information from the scene and from all parties and witnesses. If no officer arrives, the parties can make their own report at the nearest sheriff's department. Car insurance companies often rely heavily on police reports to determine liability, so make sure you provide detailed, accurate factual information in your statement. State traffic laws can also be used to prove liability. If evidence exists to show that the other motorist was violating traffic laws, provide that evidence in your statement.

Immediately following a car accident, it is not uncommon for the drivers and anyone else involved to be in shock and quite unaware of their surroundings. It is important that unless they have a serious medical emergency that they obtain certain critical information before leaving the scene of the incident. Insurance providers will often determine who is liable for damages based off of any evidence at the scene.

The more detailed the account of the accident is, the better chance there is that anyone injured may receive greater compensation. An attorney will be able to more clearly understand the intricacies of the accident as well and better prepare a case if the insurance provider does not provide adequate payment for loss and suffering.

Gathering Vital Information

Despite the confusion after an accident, the driver must always get essential facts and never admit any fault to the other driver involved. Any mention of the words "I'm sorry" could significantly harm a personal injury case down the road since they technically acknowledged that they caused the accident. Always gather the following information:

  • The full names of anyone involved in the crash including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and witnesses
  • Address, phone number, and email address of the driver, passengers, pedestrians and any witnesses
  • Type of cars or vehicles involved including make, model, year and color
  • License plate numbers of any vehicle involved
  • The insurance carrier and policy number of the other driver

Individuals are strongly encouraged to take as many pictures as possible following any kind of accident. Taking twice as many photographs as seems normal, the driver should document any damage to their vehicle, the location of the accident and any witnesses or people involved in the accident. They should also photograph any injuries that were sustained from anyone in their car as well as this could be further proof for pursuing a personal injury case with the help of an attorney.

Reliable and Experienced Legal Representation

Hiring a car accident lawyer from the Law Office of Sebastian J. Simon, may make all the difference in your personal injury case. Our firm has years of experience in auto accident litigation and is prepared to aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf. Achieving positive results for individuals in the past, Attorney Simon is dedicated to helping those who have been wrongfully injured. Offering legal assistance in both English and Spanish, we aim to make ourselves available to a wide spectrum of individuals throughout Houston.

Working on a contingency fee basis, you do not have to pay unless our legal team gets results. This allows you to rest easy knowing that we are going to work out hardest to obtain significant and exemplary financial restitution for your injuries. With an understanding mindset towards the pain you may be experiencing, combined with our creative legal tactics, we will fight to protect your rights until the end. Find out how we can help you obtain full compensation by scheduling your free consultation today.

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