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Legal Representation for Victims: Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Most of us have experienced the stress and frustration that comes from driving in rush hour traffic. Everyone seems anxious to get where they're going, but the multitude of cars keep them from getting anywhere quickly. This is a problem that we see all too often, and as such, a Houston car accident attorney from our firm knows what to do after the fact. Sometimes a motorist may become so desperate or simply impatient to resort to aggressive driving techniques such as:

  • Weaving through traffic;
  • Changing lanes suddenly;
  • Tailing other motorists;
  • Cutting people off; and
  • Speeding over the legal limit.

When drivers resort to such driving tactics, chances of a car accident increase, especially in congested situations where cars are so close together that drivers have very little time to react to sudden maneuvers. Aggressive driving is not the same as road rage. Aggressive driving is a traffic offense that puts others at risk. Road rage is even more serious. It is a criminal offense, usually taking the form of assault and/or battery.

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