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Are you a Houston Driver? Important Statistics You Should Know!

If you are a driver in Houston, then it is important that you are aware of the dangers that are all around you while you are out on the road. In Texas, the fatality rate is 1.28 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles that are travelled. 3,015 people died while driving in the state of Texas last year. 46 percent of those drivers weren’t wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash. Most of these fatal accidents happen in rural areas where there are fewer lights and more two-lane highways.

According to data released by the Texas Department of Transportation about 56.8% of all fatal crashes happen in rural areas. Last year alone, 1,712 car passengers or drivers were declared dead after a crash on a rural Texas road. 419 people were declared dead after a head-on collision. These often have on two-lane highways when a driver decides to pass a slower car by driving on the wrong side of the road. If the driver did not see a vehicle driving towards them, then it can cause a fatal head-on collision.

Other drivers may not crash into anyone, but lose control of their car in a single-vehicle accident In fact, 1,208 people died this way in Texas last year, which means that single-vehicle or run-off-the-road crashes accounted for about 40 percent of all fatal collisions last year. In many cases, the drivers in these terrible accidents are inhibited by alcohol or are distracted. Another dangerous zone for crashes is at intersections. In 2011, data shows that 692 people were killed as a result of an accident at an intersection or related to an intersection. When a driver fails to note a traffic signal, such as a red light, it can create a serious danger.

While there was a decrease from the 3,050 deaths that occurred in 2010, the fatalities on Texas roads are still a saddening reality. In Texas last year, there were 57,919 serious vehicle crashes and a total of 211,006 injuries that could be traced back to car crash. Because of those horrible crashes, 79,573 people were rushed to Texas hospitals with serious injuries. In addition to drivers, pedestrians were killed in Texas last year. 418 people who were walking across the street or on the side of the road were killed in a Texas pedestrian accident last year. 46 bicyclists met a similar fate.

One of the most tragic statistics released by the Texas Department of Transportation is this one: there were no deathless days on Texas roads in 2011. Every day, someone lost his or her life due to poor driving, distracted drivers, drunk drivers poor road maintenance, or a variety of other dangers. Statistics show that one person is killed in a traffic accident in Texas at least every 2 hours and 54 minutes. One person is injury in an accident every 2 minutes and 29 seconds. There are also an abundance of crashes that occur in Texas that don’t end in serious injuries or deaths. A reportable accident happens in Texas every 83 seconds.

While at least one Texan or driver in Texas perished every day last year, Sunday, September 18th was a day set aside for particular morning. This day, 25 people were killed in traffic collisions. Texas researchers have declared that while September is the month with the deadliest day of the year, April is the deadliest month. In April of 2011, 287 people were killed. A lot of the drivers who were taken from this earth in 2011 were the victims of a drunk driver. In fact, 1,039 people were killed in crashes where one of the drivers involved in the accident had alcoholic content in his or her blood stream.

This means that 34.5% of all accidents involved a drunk driver. Most alcohol crashes occur between 2:00 am and 2:59 am when drivers are on their way back from the bar. Saturday is the most common day for DUI crashes in the state. All of these statistics point to one obvious fact: car accidents are a tragically common occurrence in Texas. In almost all car accidents, one driver is to blame. An inattentive intoxicated, or poor driver may make a mistake that causes others to go to the hospital in pain or causes the death of innocent drivers

If you have been injured or your loved one was killed in a car accident in the Houston area, then you need to talk to the attorneys at the Law Office of Sebastian J. Simon. The attorneys at this firm are dedicated to helping those who have been injured in one of these tragic accidents. Sebastian J. Simon and his associates don’t want you to have to suffer. You can check out our website to learn more about the firm and to contact the attorneys to set up a free consultation with us.

We want to discuss your case with you, review the police reports, and help you to determine whether or not you deserve compensation. If you are uninsured, or the driver at fault does not have insurance then we can come alongside you as you try to build a case around this issue. Read our testimonials to see how other drivers have been satisfied by Sebastian J. Simon and the team when they have sought legal help to obtain damages in an accident. Don’t suffer when you deserve to be free from financial stress! Hire an attorney to advocate for damages in your stead today!

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