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Driving While Texting

Information from a Houston Car Accident Lawyer

As more and more car accidents are being caused by drivers who are distracted by their cell phones, many of the states have adopted laws banning cell phone usage without a hands-free device. Texas has just recently been added to this list of states in September of 2012 in an effort to better protect drivers out on the roadways. There are certain laws and restrictions that Texas motorists must follow in order to avoid tickets, fines and to keep from endangering others:

  • Bus drivers may not use cell phones in any capacity
  • Novice drivers may not use cell phones in any capacity
  • Motorists may not use hand-held cell phones
  • Drivers must be utilizing hands-free accessories if they are going to use their phone, GPS or other electronic device

Should a driver cause an accident due to violating any of the laws above, they should be held responsible for any damage or car accident injuries that result. It is vital that you understand the laws and regulations regarding texting and driving so that you can receive maximum compensation for your loss and suffering. To take legal action today, speak with a car accident attorney in Houston about your case. The Law Office of Sebastian J. Simon is here to help you recover compensation.

Drivers Run the Risk of Delayed Reaction Times

Most individuals driving on the street feel as if they are invincible and that the statistics about texting and driving do not apply to them. In fact, there has been a rise in the amount of texting in recent years. From December 2005 where there were only 9.8 billion text messages sent each month, it jumped up to 110.4 billion texts per month just three years later in 2008.

In a study performed by Car and Driver, they tested two different drivers' reaction times to various circumstances. They had them drive a course without distraction, then again while playing aloud a text message for the drivers to have to listen to. After this was performed, the drivers had to take to the course again, but this time they wrote out the text message themselves. Lastly, they had the two men drive while under the influence of alcohol to compare their reaction time against that of the reaction time while texting and driving. Results were staggering as it took nearly double the amount of time for them to stop for various obstacles while texting than it did while they were impaired.

Texas A&M University, a similar study was performed on 42 different drivers between 16 and 54 years of age who were asked to drive an 11-mile course while simultaneously texting. Their reaction time without texting was typically one to two seconds, but while focused on their phones it was doubled to three to four seconds. It was also 11 times more likely that the drivers missed certain lights and signs that they had set up on the course. They also had a tendency to swerve and even hit barrels on the side of the road. This means that anytime someone out on the highway is texting, this significantly delayed reaction time applies to them. Not only is this highly reckless, but it is taking innocent lives and putting them at risk.

Serious Injuries Caused by Driving While Texting

Getting into an accident with someone who was driving and texting can result in severe injuries. Sometimes life-altering deformities, disabilities and pain can be a result of another's careless actions. In fact, the U.S. government has stated that distracted driving causes nearly 20 percent of all fatal car crashes. In 2011 alone, 23% of all automobile accidents involved cellular devices in some way, shape or form, which means that they caused 1.3 million crashes.

Injuries are limitless when it comes to texting and driving accidents because it involves all the same factors as a typical car accident, but often is heightened due to lack of reaction time. More severe crashes can result in traumatic brain injuries causing memory loss, concussions, diminishing motor skills and even paralysis. Back and spinal cords are also extremely vulnerable to damage during a collision which can mean life-long pain, the strong possibility of decreased mobility and inability to perform everyday functions. In more extreme cases, limbs can get trapped between car parts or get stuck under vehicles, which may mean amputation.

Whether the pain you have experienced from this kind of accident is minor or quite serious, find out how you could fight for compensation by consulting with an auto accident attorney right away. With their skilled representation, you have the highest chance of maximizing your compensation.

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