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Mom Blames Houston Police Department for Daughter's Death

In the early morning on Sunday, September 30th, 2012 a 19-year-old woman was fatally injured when the vehicle she was driving struck three other vehicles and crashed. According to police reports, the young woman had been drinking the night before and was apparently intoxicated, or at least under the influence of alcohol, at the time of the accident. Her mother believes, however, that the accident could have been prevented by the Houston Police Department.

Reports show that shortly before the accident took place, the young woman had stopped her vehicle (at an undisclosed location) and Houston PD had been dispatched to investigate. Further reports indicate the responding officer had some indication the young woman was under the influence, yet he failed to detain her, do a sobriety test, or arrest her. As a result, the young woman continued driving and a short time later was involved in the accident which took her life. Needless to say, the young woman's mother wants answers.

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