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Failure to Yield or Stop

Every time you drive through a green light, do you worry about getting hit? Of course you don't. Traffic signals were designed to guide motorists through busy intersections without fear of an accident. When a motorist drives through a red light, either because distracted or because of aggressive driving and trying to "beat the light," an intersection accident may result. Side-impact crashes are very common in such cases.

What Happens When a Driver Fails to Yield or Stop

Stop signs and yield signs are put in place to prevent accidents. However, some motorists fail to follow these guidelines. Failure to yield or stop when it is prudent or required by law can even result in a wrongful death, but most instances result in damage and injury to the driver and/or other motorists involved. If you are one such injured motorist, make sure you don't have to pay for any damages you've sustained due to an underinsured or uninsured party.

Fight for Compensation with Our Houston Car Accident Attorneys

Fight for fair compensation with help from a skilled car accident lawyer in Houston. Auto repairs and medical care can become unaffordable very quickly. Your insurance company may try to convince you to accept a smaller payout that does not cover all the damage, but you have rights. Protect your rights by hiring an attorney from the Law Office of Sebastian J. Simon today. Our legal team can help you develop your case, file an insurance claim, and fight hard for the compensation you deserve, so contact us today.

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